Feats are another set of choices many players face. It can be a bit daunting with the sheer amount of them. Feats can be very powerful and are relatively rare, so you want to make informed choices. We give you not only the text of the feats but our take on them. Learn how to choose what’s best for your build.


Unearthed Arcana

  • Agent of Order
  • Baleful Scion
  • Cartomancer
  • Cohort of Chaos
  • Ember of the Fire Giant (Revised)
  • Elemental Touched
  • Fury of the Frost Giant (Revised)
  • Guile of the Cloud Giant (Revised)
  • Keenness of the Stone Giant (Revised)
  • Outlands Envoy
  • Outsized Might
  • Planar Wanderer
  • Righteous Heritor
  • Rune Carver Adept (Revised)
  • Rune Carver Apprentice (Revised)
  • Scion of Elemental Air
  • Scion of Elemental Earth
  • Scion of Elemental Fire
  • Scion of Elemental Water
  • Scion of the Outer Planes
  • Soul of the Storm Giant (Revised)
  • Strike of the Giants
  • Vigor of the Hill Giant (Revised)

Plane Shift

  • Servo Crafting
  • Quicksmithing


  • Cruel
  • Flash Recall
  • Mystic Conflux
  • Remarkable Recovery
  • Spelldriver
  • Thrown Arms Master
  • Vital Sacrifice