Gods & Deities

Gods and Deities populate the world of D&D and play an integral part in it’s world and multiverse.

Cult worship, devotion to deities by Paladins and Clerics, prayers to gods for the sick and many other iterations.

Black Citadel has a put together our thoughts on the Gods & Deities of Dungeons and Dragons, but we wanted to have this space as a simple reference for those that want one.

The Pantheons of Dungeons and Dragons

Faerûnian Pantheon

Akadi, goddess of air 

Amaunator, god of the sun

Asmodeus, god of indulgence

Auril, goddess of winter

Azuth, god of wizardry

Bane, god of tyranny

Beshaba, goddess of misfortune

Bhaal, god of murder

Chauntea, goddess of agriculture

Cyric, god of lies

Deneir, god of writing

Eldath, goddess of peace

Gond, god of craft

Grumbar, god of earth

Gwaeron Windstrom, god of tracking

Helm, god of watchfulness

Hoar, god of revenge and retribution

Ilmater, god of endurance

Istishia, god of water

Jergal, scribe of the dead

Kelemvor, god of the dead

Kossuth, god of fire

Lathander, god of dawn and renewal

Leira, goddess of illusion

Lliira, goddess of joy

Loviatar, goddess of pain

Malar, god of the hunt

Mask, god of thieves

Mielikki, goddess of forests

Milil, god of poetry and song

Myrkul, god of death

Mystra, goddess of magic

Oghma, god of knowledge

The Red Knight, goddess of strategy

Savras, god of divination and fate

Selune, goddess of the moon

Shar, goddess of darkness and loss

Silvanus, god of wild nature

Sune, goddess of love and beauty

Talona, goddess of poison and disease

Talos, god of storms

Tempus, god of war

Torm, god of courage and self-sacrifice

Tymora, goddess of good fortune

Tyr, god of justice

Umberlee, goddess of the sea

Valkur, Northlander god of sailors

Waukeen, goddess of trade

Dawn War Pantheon

Asmodeus, god of tyranny

Avandra, goddess of change and luck

Bahamut, god of justice and nobility

Bane, god of war and conquest

Corellon, god of magic and the arts

Erathis, goddess of civilization and invention

Gruumsh, god of destruction

Ioun, goddess of knowledge

Kord, god of strength and storms

Lolth, goddess of spiders and lies

Melora, goddess of wilderness and the sea

Moradin, god of creation

Pelor, god of the sun and agriculture

Raven Queen, goddess of death

Sehanine, goddess of the moon

Tharizdun, god of madness

Tiamat, goddess of wealth, greed and vengeance

Torog, god of the Underdark

Vecna, god of evil secrets

Zehir, god of darkness and poison