Editorial Guidelines

Black Citadel RPG creates high-quality, expertly written D&D 5e content for fans, players, and DMs around the world.

In order to do that consistently, we’ve established a strict set of editorial guidelines to ensure our articles hit the mark each time we hit publish.

Below you’ll find the complete process we follow for each content piece we create.

Our Editorial Process

  1. Ideation: This is where the idea for an article begins. Our focus here is making sure we can add something of value to the D&D community.
  2. Research: The topic is then researched to get a grasp on what readers are looking for and how we can best present it to them.
  3. Outlining: Each topic idea is then given to a member of our editorial team to be outlined.
  4. Assignment: Once outlined, our editors assign the article to the writer who’s the best fit for the topic. We’re looking at their level of experience and passion for the topic.
  5. Initial Review: When an article is finished, each writer takes time to review what they’ve written and make any revisions that might have been overlooked initially. They check to make sure all data and information is accurately represented in the article.
  6. Editor Review: Our editor then reviews the article, again, this time focusing on formatting, grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  7. Publish: The article is then published and made live on the website.
  8. Post-Publish Review: We work with extremely passionate writers. They truly care about the content they contribute to the D&D community. Once the article they wrote is published, they give it one last pass to ensure everything is in order.

Accuracy & Corrections

We strive to keep our content as accurate as possible through periodic reviews of previously published articles. When source material or gameplay rules change, we’re quick to go back and make any necessary updates.

We encourage readers to use our contact form to report any issues or inaccuracies that might be found in our content.