Your first step in playing an adventurer in the Dungeons & Dragons game is to imagine and create a character of your own. Your character is a combination of game statistics, roleplaying hooks, and your imagination.

You choose a race (such as human or halfling) and a class (such as fighter or wizard). You also invent the personality, appearance, and backstory of your character.

Once completed, your character serves as your representative in the game, your avatar in the Dungeons & Dragons world.

-Players Handbook

The 6 Steps to Creating a Character from the Players Handbook:

  1. Choose a Race
  2. Choose a Class
  3. Determine Ability Scores
  4. Describe Your Character
  5. Choose Equipment
  6. Come Together

We have broken this down into the following sections, which we believe give a better understanding of how your character will develop over the course of a game.

Character Creation







Everything above is covered, with the addition of Feats and Multiclassing. Those are also choices that can significantly impact your character as you level. It’s good to know what your choices are ahead of time.