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Black Citadel is our effort to bring useful content to D&D players around the world. We are focused on bringing in DM’s and Players to give readers the best information we can provide. The goal is to create great resources that are truly helpful to the D&D community!

Everything from how to build your first character, to how to have more fun in your campaign will be covered. We will try to find the best tools out there, and create resources that are easy to read and understand for the beginner and expert alike.

D&D 5e and other RPGs are only growing in popularity, and we want to help that continue.

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Rich | Founder // Lead Editor

I started playing DnD as a kid. Very similar to a Stranger Things kind of vibe – DnD got popular, friends played casually, I really enjoyed the books.

There was a hobby shop near my Dad’s office in Princeton NJ, right near the university. I would walk there and buy the pewter metal miniatures.

There were rows and rows of them in glass cases. Glorious. In fact, right now painting miniatures is one of my favorite hobbies.

Like a lot of people, as I grew up there was a lapse in playing DnD. Now and then I would get nostalgia and read the Monster Manual.

Over the past few years since 5e released, I’ve really started getting back into it. Currently, I run a campaign online for some friends and my brothers, and we also play a side-sesh just to mix things up.

It’s a great way for us to keep in touch since we don’t live close together.

We started with Fantasy Grounds but have moved over to Foundry VTT.

This site is a way for me to talk about my experiences and try to make others’ games just a little bit better.

Harry | Expert Contributor // Editor

I played my first roleplaying game (Pathfinder 1e) in college. I showed up late to the first session, didn’t read the rules, and ended up making a human bard called Nick Jagger.

While this isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of my tabletop gaming expertise, I’ve gotten a lot better since then.

I’ve been running D&D for about five years, am writing my own horror game, and using this job as a way to fund my crippling addiction to backing new indie RPGs on Kickstarter.

I enjoy Vietnamese food, dying repeatedly on the first level of Hades, and the smooth sounds of Ambient Tavern Music.

Scott | Expert Contributor // Editor

I grew up playing card games like Yu-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering. As time went on my love for fantasy games only grew.

In college, I finally got to play my first D&D character, a dryad based on Groot.

Now I DM for a group of friends and get called in for guest appearances in games that other friends run, where I love to build exciting characters that leave an impression.

I love the community aspect of tabletop games. Getting to spend time with the people I love and get away from the stresses of the real world for a few hours is priceless.

When I’m not playing games or writing articles about them I’m spending time with family or watching the latest Star Wars or Marvel installment.

May the force be with you… oh wait, wrong group of nerds…

Luxia | Expert Contributor

I grew up with my head in the clouds and my nose in a book, waiting with bated breath for my next fantastical adventure.

Expressing my love for the wondrous led me to playing many tabletop RPGs, miniature games, and trading card games.

When I’m not writing about them, I’m playing Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, X-Wing miniatures, and many other lovingly-crafted tabletop games with the people I love.

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Ervin | Expert Contributor

Growing up I spent most of my time reading, so when I first started playing RPGs in middle school and got a copy of DnD 3.5’s rules I loved their collaborative take on storytelling.

These days I like to use RPGs to develop my creative problem-solving skills as well. I enjoy trying to find interesting uses for spells or coming up with unexpected tactics.

I also like to tinker with systems. Adding monsters or alternate magic systems is a fun way for me to try out the worlds from some of my favorite books.