The Best Druid Feats: Two for Each Subclass

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

In general, you’ll probably pick up to two feats for your character as part of their leveling path (the remaining opportunities will be used for ability score increases).

Feats can also make for good rewards in lieu of magic items or experience points.

If you are playing a druid, you will have enough versatility that choosing feats could be difficult. Druids can be anywhere on the battlefield and fulfill any role in the party.

Your choice of subclass will determine which feats will better serve you and your party.

Circle of Dreams

As a Circle of Dreams Druid, you are primarily a healer and support person for your party. As a character with a lot of fae background, you may even be the face.

Eldritch Adept

With this feat, you can improve your abilities as a face by taking the Warlock cantrip Mask of Many Faces. Your social abilities as a Dreams druid will be given much more room to work with this enhancement.


As a healer and support role, you will be called upon to support your party more than you have resources for.

Let’s be honest; the rest of those idiots just love getting near the pokey sharp things! This feat and a healer’s kit will be an easy way to feed the babies without using your precious spell slots.

Circle of Spores

Arguably one of our favorite subclasses, this role lets you tangle it up in melee without being completely reliant on your wildshape. Also, a druidic necromancer?! Come on!

War Caster

If you are up in your enemies grill, you’ll want to be able to still cast your spells while wielding a weapon and a shield.

This feat will let you be close enough to do what you do best without sacrificing any of your capabilities.

Shield Master

While you are in melee, you will most likely be surrounded by your own personal undead guard. This will make you vulnerable to Area of Effect spells since you and your boney bodies will be right next to each other.

Shield Master will effectively give you Evasion, meaning you will take no damage instead of half damage when you successfully save an Area of Effect.

Circle of Stars

Astronomer druids are concerned with great, cosmic forces that cover space and time. Their signature ability to take a constellation form while wildshaping gives them greater range in combat.

Spell Sniper

One of your key abilities is the Starry Form (Archer), which grants you an extra ranged attack as a bonus action. The distance is 60 feet and the damage is radiant.

Magic stone is the only druid cantrip that can reach that far, but it isn’t a very impressive combat spell.

This feat will double the range on produce flame to make it match the Starry Form ability, allowing you to be a successful ranged combatant at a good distance while still holding a shield.

Metamagic Adept

Stars Druids are primarily spellcasters. They gain wildshape abilities that improve their spellcasting as combatants and as healers.

With this feat, you can take the Twinned Spell metamagic. When combined with your Chalice Starry form, you can essentially heal three people with one spell, yourself included.

Furthermore, when you use your signature guiding bolt spell, you can increase the number of targets.

Circle of Wildfire

Burn, baby! Another favorite subclass here at the Citadel is this one. There are a few different ways to do a pyromaniac (always fun!) in DnD but none quite so thorough as this.

Elemental Adept (Fire)

Obviously, right? This is a no-brainer. You will be casting so many fire spells, and fire resistance is so common, that you should take this feat as soon as possible.

Magic Initiate (Sorcerer or Wizard)

There are more fire spells out there than Druids have access to. Furthermore, produce flame only has a range of 30 feet (puh-shaw).

With this, you’ll want to keep up your Charisma or Intelligence and get yourself access to firebolt, chromatic orb, green-flame blade, or even control flames or create bonfire and free up a druid spell for yourself.

Circle of the Land

Land Druids are primarily spellcasters and utilitarians. With this class, you’ll want feats that improve your spell casting or your ability to maneuver through the battlefield.

Medium Armor Master

Since your job is to fill any role that may need to be filled at the moment, this feat will allow you to wear medium armor with no penalty, meaning you can get in melee, you can stealth, you gain a +1 if your Dexterity is high enough, and you can look good while doing it.

War Caster

As a Land Druid, you are most likely to depend on weapons instead of cantrips for combat. Therefore, you may be holding a sword and shield or a bow of some kind.

This feat will let you do what you do best without sacrificing any of your capabilities.

Circle of the Moon

You are a specialist in wild shape, which means you rely on tooth and claw, wing and tail. There are feats that will maximize even these differences in form.


Most Beasts have claws that deal slashing damage. Instead of accepting that as a default and thinking you won’t do any better, maximize that reality!

With this feat, you can hamstring your opponent’s speed and give them disadvantage should you score a critical hit.


One of the worst things about wild shape is the inability to communicate with your party. This feat not only gets you around that hurdle but gives you detect thoughts as well, meaning you aren’t just a brute any more.

You can stealth as a mouse and hear what people say when they think no one is listening… in their mind!

Circle of the Shepherd

Magic Initiate (Cleric)

With this feat, you can take the spare the dying cantrip, which is essential for any healer. After that, resistance is your best bet as a support role.

For your 1st-level spell, you could take cure wounds to free up a spell from your druid list or possibly take sanctuary or false life to protect yourself and your allies.

Gift of the Metallic Dragon

With this feat, you will get extra healing ability that will not use up your spells known as you run around the map doing whatever needs to be done.

In addition, the protective ability helps you guard your companions in a pinch. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, as a Druid you can be anywhere on the field provided you have the right build for it. 

Consider whether you will be focused on your magical, utility, or combat abilities, and choose from there.

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