Ring of Telekinesis 5e: How To Give Yourself Superpowers

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

Ring of Telekinesis

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this ring, you can cast the Telekinesis spell at will, but you can target only objects that aren’t being worn or carried.

Cost:  Our Pricing Guide sets the Ring of Telekinesis at 40,000 gold pieces 

How Does the Ring of Telekinesis Work? 

By attuning to a Ring of Telekinesis, the wearer gains the ability to cast a less powerful version of the Telekinesis spell at will. 

This allows them to pick up any object within the spell’s range (60 feet) that isn’t being worn or carried by another creature and move it up to 30 feet using their action. 

The spell’s duration is 10 minutes unless you end it early or your concentration is broken.

You cannot move the object you are targeting beyond the spell’s range. If you want to target a different object, you must cast the spell again. 

While using the spell, the ring’s wearer can exert fine control on objects with the ring’s telekinetic grip. 

This allows them to perform delicate actions, such as manipulating a simple tool, opening a door or a container, stowing or retrieving an item from an open container, or pouring the contents from a vial. 

The range of abilities that can be performed is similar to those that are possible with the Mage Hand cantrip with the main difference being that the Ring of Telekinesis allows the caster to manipulate objects weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Telekinesis is a spell that requires verbal and somatic components to cast, which means you must have at least one hand free and be able to make noise articulately in order to use the Ring of Telekinesis. 

What To Use a Ring of Telekinesis For?

Because of the Ring of Telekinesis’ limitations compared to the Telekinesis spell, which lets you pick up enemies and restrain them in mid-air like you’re playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, this magic item shines more as a utility tool than an outright weapon. 

You can use it to…

  • Smash open a locked door
  • Lift a platform across a gap with you and your party riding it 
  • Hold up a tripwire 
  • Break a mundane lock 
  • Pick up something very heavy and drop it on your enemies 
  • Prime a bear trap 
  • Reload a crossbow while your hands are busy 
  • Dig a deep pit for your enemies to fall into (bonus points if you cast Illusory Terrain to conceal the hole
  • Drag heavy loot out of the dungeon 
  • Quickly grab nearby debris to create total cover that moves with your party 
  • Ring a bell to sound the alarm
  • Rearrange the hands on a clock 
  • Divert a river 
  • Stop a boat from going over a waterfall 
  • Deliver a bomb through a second-story window 
  • Block incoming arrows (debatable; maybe a single ballista bolt)
  • Retrieve your weapon (or spellcasting focus) if you are disarmed 
  • Drive a battering ram

And much, much more. As long as you’re mindful of the item’s limitations, there’s a lot you can do with perpetual telekinesis.

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