Kickstarter: In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard Brings New Adventures, Maps, Monsters

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

Hey everyone. Rich has been nice enough to ask if I wanted to talk about the crowdfunding campaign for In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard that ran through April 29, 2022 on Kickstarter. 

In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard is a brand new ‘zine featuring materials for use in old-school roleplaying games, art, and fantasy fiction, edited and curated by noisms, the creator of Yoon-Suin. 

If you aren’t familiar with it, Yoon-Suin is a highly evocative, exciting, and easy-to-use campaign setting full of aristocratic slug people, opium dens, demons, ghosts, lumbering crab men, pirates, and about a million more wonderful things, including some very, very intelligent ways to generate encounters and factions on the fly. In short, it’s a bit of a modern classic. 

Yoon-Suin author Noisms’ next project brings together tons of writing, art, and new resources for dungeon masters playing all editions of D&D

Somewhat bafflingly to me, an adventure I’ve written called The Hollow Tomb, is included in the ‘zine. It’s a two-level dungeon with a focus on environmental storytelling, family tragedy, and a great big, horrible undead mummy-thing who drives a mech suit made of tombstones… sort of. 

Tonally, I’d like to think it’s what Chekhov might have written if he wrote for D&D (and wasn’t a very good writer). 

Also appearing in the first issue of In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard are: 

  • The Well at the World’s End, by Roger Giner-Sorolla
  • Offspring of the Siphoned Demon, by Ben Gibson
  • The Cerulean Valley, by George Seibold
  • Moonrhythm Mire, by Dave Greggs
  • Winter in Bugtown, by J. Colussy-Estes
  • The Garden of Khal-Adel, by Zane Schneider
  • The Thirteen Dwarves, by J. Blasso-Gieseke
  • A Turn of Fortune, by Jose Carlos Dominguez
  • She Who Came Once to Oldgraves, by Autumn Moore
  • The Beloved and Oft-Recounted Tale of the Marvellous Birth, by JC Luxton
  • The Belly of the Fishy Beast, by Sam Doebler

You can check out In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard now. I think you’ll like what I wrote and, if you don’t, there’s a bunch of other stuff in there, so get to it.

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