The 21 Best Magic Items for Druids

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

There are hundreds of magic items to choose from as a player or as a DM. It can be a bit daunting to look at the list and think you have to read every single one.


We did that for you because we are the deadliest, most knowledgeable, and best-looking nerds on the planet (except for you, of course.)

This post is druid-specific. We will give you a good and thorough rundown of the best magic items for druids there are.

And because no two druids are alike, we will have plenty of variety in here for you to peruse.

What Makes a Good Druid Magic Item?

Druids start with a nice set of defensive proficiencies: medium armor and shields. Any items that can enhance those are great.

For offense, the weapon selection is a bit lacking, mostly having simple weapons and scimitars, oddly enough. Maybe that’s because a machete is kind of scimitar shaped? Dubious. They are quite different.

You’ll want items here that can boost your spellcasting or otherwise are magical versions of these weapons.

Do you really need a scimitar when you have shillelagh and primal savagery?

They’ve also got a decent set of useful skills, although they lack a few good ones, like acrobatics and stealth.

These skills put them solidly in the knowledge-based healer position – like a cleric that lives in the woods.

For a skill set like that, you’ll want to find magic items that boost your role as a wandering innkeeper/emergency-room doctor.

Magic items that boost your movement are a bonus to any class; however with a Druid, that can be a bit redundant since you can turn into an animal and gain any type of movement you need.

One of my favorite plot hooks is to give a 1st-level character a magic item that is WAY above their tier of play and let that item be the plot hook.

For example, I once ran a game for a tiefling warlock, and I gave him the opportunity to steal a Staff of Fire from a BBEG.

The first five levels were all about him on the run from anyone who wanted that item for themselves. Plus, since he had a Staff of Fire, I could wildly overpower him with bad guys to force him to use the staff.

Great fun!

If you have a druid in your game and want to give this a shot, I recommend giving that player a Quall’s Feather Token (Feather) or a Staff of Swarming Insects.

What Are the Best Low- to Mid-Tier Magic Items for Druids?


Fernian Ash Focus: At low-level, produce flame and create bonfire are probably going to be one of your main combat spells.

This magic item gives you a +1 to damage, which is useful because spells, unlike weapons, do not get any bonus to damage very often.

Hat of Vermin: You have animal-based spells, such as beast bond and animal messenger. This item saves you the trouble of making a survival check to waste an hour looking for something to deliver your love note.

Orb of Shielding: This doubles as a spellcasting focus and reduces the amount of damage you take from a specific magical attack. As a druid, you are both a spellcaster and a combatant, so this will absolutely be useful to you.

Pot of Awakening: Just think, with enough time, you can have a network of plant spies! They have a 10 Intelligence, meaning you can plant them and check in with them.


Bracers of Archery: Normally, Druids don’t have proficiency with bows. This item will grant you that, which is awesome! A good longbow is better than any of your combat cantrips.

Bag of Holding: Yes, yes. Everyone wants one of these. But as the druid, everyone can put their contraband into your bag of holding while you sneak through the gate as a rat since, while in wildshape, you absorb all of your gear into your body.

Decanter of Endless Water: One of the best ways to turn a situation to your advantage is to greatly change the landscape.

With this item, enough time, and your wildshape ability, it doesn’t matter how many enemies are after you. Can they catch a shark? Do they want to?

Bag of Tricks: This is a perfect item for Druids! Consider summoning a beast and then wildshaping into it, and then both of you running away to split the enemy into chasing you.

You can get so many abilities related to Beasts, and this item gives you Beasts to play with! They are Beasts your enemies can play with too…

Potion of Growth: What is scarier than a large brown bear? A huge brown bear! This potion can work on either you or a summoned beast.

Don’t just get one of these. Get several! Turn them into food pellets, and feed them to your fur babies.

What Are the Mid- to High-Tier Magic Items for Druids?


Item of Commanding Elementals: There are several items in this tier that allow you to summon and command an elemental.

Conjure elemental is a druid spell, and this item will allow you to summon your favorite type without using such a high-level spell slot.

Flame Tongue Scimitar: As a druid, fire will be one of your specialites. This sword will give you a dependable source of extra fire damage without taking up your spell slots or requiring concentration.

Ioun Stone (Any): Since Druids are so versatile and capable, any of these stones will be beneficial.

The stone of reserve will give them spell slots, the stone of protection grants a +1 AC, the stone of sustenance means you don’t need to eat, and the stone of awareness means you won’t be surprised.

The best part is that they all float around your head, meaning they are still active while you are in wildshape!

Ring of Spell Storing: As a spell caster, you need this item. You can store 5 levels worth of spell slots in this ring, and the spells do not have to be spells you’ve prepared that day.

Not only does this ring add power, but they also add versatility.

Scimitar of Wounding: If you’re the type of druid who is likely to get in melee with a scimitar instead of a face full of teeth, you’ll also want to consider this weapon – particularly if you are a Spores Druid since necrotic damage is kind of your thing.

Very Rare

Animated Shield: If you cast spells, engage in melee, or like to use a bow (all things your druid should like to do), then you will want this.

The best part is that you can use this shield while in your wildshape (!) since it doesn’t require hands.

Dragon-Touched Focus (Stirring): At this level, the dragon-touched focus grants you a bonus to your spell damage equal to 1d6 of an elemental energy type of your choice.

Elemental damage is your thing as a Druid, and an extra 1d6 never hurt anybody. Well… you know.

Horn of Valhalla: One of your primary roles as a druid is as a support caster. With the Horn of Valhalla, you suddenly increase the size of your party with a handful of berserkers, like a bag of tricks except less hairy… maybe.

We highly recommend this item for Circle of Shepard Druids, since all of the berserkers can benefit from your aura abilities.

Ring of Shooting Stars: This ring again adds to your flavor as a spellcaster of nature-based spells. It’s a lightning storm in a ring!

This ring gives you very effective, very deadly thunder and lightning spell-like abilities without using your spell slots.

Robe of Stars: This item is more than utility and an easy way to gain magic missile. This item is a plot device, a utility tool, and a fashion statement.

Legendary or Artifact

Baba Yaga’s Mortar and Pestle: This item has a lot of natural magic-flavored abilities that are perfect for a druid.

When combined with the right tools, you will have all of the plant matter you need to make potions, poisons, and moonshine from any plane of existence.

Crook of Rao: Druids aren’t usually seen as the foes of fiends. Typically they are the guardians from threats of the Far Realm.

However, the healing and banishment abilities of this artifact will work on aberrations, and as guardians of the material plane, there is no rule saying druids can’t build themselves to combat fiends.

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