Racial Stat Bonuses: A Quick Reference Guide for New Players

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

There are a lot of decisions that go into building a character and fully fleshing them out. From lofty choices surrounding backgrounds and backstory to the exciting process of choosing a 5e class, it can get a bit overwhelming.

In this article, we’re going to make one of those steps a whole lot easier. 

Today, we’re discussing the stat bonuses you get from choosing one of the many 5e races as the base of your character.

This is a quick reference document, so be sure to bookmark it and use the find function (Ctrl + f on windows, Command + f on mac) to easily find the race or stat bonus you’re considering. 

Hint: When using the find function, use the format as follows “+2 Intelligence” for searching ability scores. 

What Is a Racial Bonus in DnD 5e?

Races give you a lot of mechanical benefits beyond the excitement of playing as a fantasy creature. One of the key benefits for a long time has been the Ability Score Increases you receive from a class.

Typically, you’ll receive a +2 to one ability score and a +1 to another, and often, this can make or break a build.

Racial stat bonuses are by no means the only benefit of choosing a 5e race.

When you choose your race you can expect all sorts of fun abilities including (but not limited to) innate spellcasting, proficiencies, resistances, and unique features you can’t get anywhere else.

Still, it’s the racial bonuses that have often defined the race you’ll choose for your class.

Getting to increase your best modifier by 1 (a +2 to the ability score translates to a +1 in the modifier) means becoming that much better at whatever your class does.

These bonuses are why most wizards are either humans (who receive a +1 in every ability) or gnomes (for a while, the only race to receive a +2 bonus to intelligence).

If you want to optimize your character, certain races are simply better for each class based solely on these bonuses.

Custom Ability Score Bonuses

In recent years, since the release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, the way these racial stat bonuses work has started to change.

Instead of each race having a fixed increase, you choose to either put a +2 in one score and a +1 in another or put a +1 in three separate scores.

This really goes back to the variant human, which lets you increase two ability scores by 1 and choose a feat and skill proficiency as “racial features.”

The race was widely popular and was even banned at certain tables. It essentially lets you come up with a completely custom race mechanically, although physically you would still be a human.

With players being able to come up with unique mechanical bonuses through the human race, many other races started falling to the wayside.

Then, we got our first look at custom ability scores in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft with the three dark lineages (Hexblood, Dhampir, and Reborn).

These lineages allow you to put their unique abilities on any race and then choose custom ability scores.

Essentially, we saw an option for players to choose any race as a “skin” while receiving the ability score bonuses they wanted and a cool set of features on top of it.

With these lineages being well received, we moved onto the next natural step with Custom Lineages.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduced us to a mechanic that allows us to choose any race and then give yourself a feat, a +2 to one ability, darkvision or a skill, and a language of your choice.

Again, this variant option was well received enough to change up how races were going to be made from then on out.

Since then, every new race (and the races that have been reprinted in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse) have included custom ability scores, allowing you to increase one ability score by 2 and another by 1 or three separate ability scores by 1 each.

Navigating the Future of Ability Scores

Whether you’re a player or a DM, it might be a bit confusing with all of the different ways to build a character currently on the table. I’m here to tell you that it’s all going to be okay.

Every version remains “legal,” but as always, it’s up to a DM to determine whether or not a certain race, or ruling, is allowed at your table.

Soon, we’re probably looking at a complete movement away from set ability-score increases from races.

Giving players freedom to create whatever character they want to play without having to stress themselves about optimization always seems to be the goal of 5e.

If you want to make life a lot easier, I’d personally suggest making the switch early. Tell your players to disregard older races’ ability-score increases, and let them choose their own.

The result will almost certainly be players who are enjoying their race for the unique abilities and culture they bring to the table rather than players who are reluctantly playing “the race that fits.”

Racial Stat Bonuses Quick Reference

Below are all the races currently published in 5e. Each race has a brief description, a link to their main article (if we haven’t uploaded one yet, we will soon), their stat bonuses, and a brief listing of their other abilities.

We’ve also sorted these into two sections: static bonuses and custom bonuses.

Races With Static Bonuses


A unique race of humanoids descended from dragons.

Other Abilities: Draconic Ancestry, Breath Weapon


  • Standard Dragonborn: +2 Strength, +1 Charisma, Damage Resistance
  • Draconblood: +2 Intelligence, +1 Charisma, Darkvision, Forceful Presence
  • Ravenite: + 2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Darkvision, Vengeful Assault
  • Chromatic Dragonborn: Custom Bonuses, Draconic Resistance, Chromatic Warding
  • Gem Dragonborn: Custom Bonuses, Draconic Resistance, Psionic Mind, Gem Flight
  • Metallic Dragonborn: Custom Bonuses, Draconic Resistance, Metallic Breath Weapon 


The stout folk are hardy warriors and expert miners. 

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution 

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat Training, Tool Proficiency, Stonecunning


  • Hill: +1 Wisdom, Dwarven Toughness
  • Mountain: +1 Strength, Dwarven Armor Training
  • Mark of Warding: +1 Intelligence, Warder’s Intuition, Wards and Seals, Spells of the Mark


Magical folk originally hailing from the fey wild, elves live long lives and are often associated with grace and beauty.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Dexterity

Other Abilities: Dark Vision, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance


  • Dark: +1 Charisma, Superior Darkvision, Sunlight Sensitivity, Drow Magic, Drow Weapon Training
  • High: +1 Intelligence, Cantrip, Elf Weapon Training, Extra Language
  • Wood: +1 Wisdom, Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, Mask of the Wild
  • Pallid: +1 Wisdom, Incisive Sense, Blessing of the Moonweaver
  • Mark of Shadow: +1 Charisma, Cunning Intuition, Shape Shadows, Spells of the Mark


Gnomes are short folk with a love for knowledge and creativity.

Stat Bonuses: +1 Intelligence

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Gnome Cunning


  • Forest: +1 Dexterity, Natural Illusionist, Speak with Small Beasts
  • Rock: +1 Constitution, Artificer’s Lore, Tinkerer
  • Mark of Scribing: +1 Charisma, Gifted Scribe, Scribe’s Insight, Spells of the Mark


The frog people are an exotic race with a complex social structure.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Dexterity, +1 Constitution

Other Abilities: Arboreal Alertness, Amphibious, Poison Immunity, Standing Leap, Water Dependency


The children of elves and humans may have trouble finding a place in this world, but they contain the best aspects of both their parents.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Charisma, +1 any two other abilities

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Skill Versatility


The nature of a half-orc greatly depends on where their allegiances lie.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Menacing, Relentless Endurance, Savage Attacks


The small folk would often much rather be left alone rather than swept into the noise of the world around them.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Dexterity

Other Abilities: Lucky, Brave, Halfling Nimbleness


  • Lightfoot: +2 Charisma, Naturally Stealthy
  • Stout: +1 Constitution, Stout Resilience
  • Ghostwise: +1 Wisdom, Silent Speech
  • Lotusden: +1 Wisdom, Children of the Woods, Timberwalk
  • Mark of Hospitality: +1 Charisma, Ever Hospitable, Innkeeper’s Magic, Spells of the Mark
  • Mark of Healing: +1 Wisdom, Medical Intuition, Healing Touch, Spells of the Mark


The most abundant race in most planes, humans can adapt to most environments and trades.

Stat Bonuses: +1 in each ability score (standard) or +1 in two ability scores (variant)

Other Abilities (Variant Only): One feat of your choice, one skill proficiency 


A race created from the union of humans and a spirit race called the quori.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Wisdom, +1 Charisma

Other Abilities: Dual Mind, Mental Discipline, Mind Link, Severed from Dreams


A race of proud humanoid lions.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution, +1 Strength

Other Abilities: Claws, Hunter’s Instinct, Daunting Roar


A group of resilient fish-folk that have endured slavery, war, and persecution at the hands of other aquatic creatures.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Strength, +1 Dexterity

Other Abilities: Natural Armor, Observant and Athletic, Leviathan Will, Limited Amphibiousness


This group of elephant-folk is wise and caring with an excellent knowledge of history.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom

Other Abilities: Powerful Build, Natural Armour, Trunk, Keen Smell

Simic Hybrid

Products of magical experiments on humanoids, the simic hybrids have a variety of animalistic traits at their disposal.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution, +1 in another ability of your choice

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Animal Enhancements


The descendants of humanoid lines with demonic intermixing, tieflings inherit more than a few fiendish traits of their ancestors.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Charisma

Other Abilities: Darkvision, Hellish Resistance, Infernal Legacy (Bloodline Legacy), Variant Options

Subcraces (Bloodlines):

  • Asmodeus: +1 Intelligence
  • Baalzebul: +1 Intelligence
  • Dispater: +1 Dexterity
  • Fierna: +1 Wisdom
  • Glasya: +1 Dexterity
  • Levistus: +1 Constitution
  • Mammon: +1 Intelligence
  • Mephistopheles: +1 Intelligence
  • Zariel: +1 Strength


These tall, blue, partially amphibious folk are natives to the plane of Ravnica.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom

Other Abilities: Vedalken Dispassion, Tireless Precision, Partially Amphibious


Verdan are descendants of goblinkind transformed by a chaotic witch.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Charisma, +1 Constitution

Other Abilities: Black Blood Healing, Limited Telepathy, Persuasive, Telepathic Insight


Crafted for an ancient war or to serve some specific purpose, warforged are constructs brought to life and given consciousness.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution, +1 to one other ability score

Other Abilities: Constructed Resilience, Sentry’s Rest, Integrated Protection, Specialized Design

Races With Custom Bonuses


Bird folk originating from the plane of air.

Abilities: Flight, Talons, Wind Caller


Descendants of humanoids blessed by a celestial being.

Abilities: Celestial Resistance, Darkvision, Healing Hands, Light Bearer, Celestial Revelation


Strongly built cousins of goblinkind.

Abilities: Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Long-limbed, Powerful Build, Sneaky, Surprise Attack


Half horse, half human, all speed.

Abilities: Fey, Charge, Equine Build, Hooves, Natural Affinity


A race of humanoids that can change their appearance with ease.

Abilities: Fey, Changeling Instincts, Shapechanger

Deep Gnome

The svirfneblin are gnomes native to the Underdark who evolved differently than their cousins.

Abilities: Gnome, Darkvision, Gift of the Svirfneblin, Gnomish Magic Resistance, Svirfneblin Camouflage


The duergar are dwarves native to the Underdark who evolved differently than their cousins.

Abilities: Dwarf, Darkvision, Duergar Magic, Dwarven Resilience, Psionic Fortitude


Ancestors of the elves of mortal worlds, eladrin never strayed from the magic of the Feywild.

Abilities: Elf, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Fey Step, Keen Senses, Transe


Small, sprightly beings with insect-like wings infused with the magic of the Feywild.

Abilities: Fey, Fairy Magic, Flight


A giant-like race with deep connections to the forest.

Abilities: Firbolg Magic, Hidden Step, Powerful Build, Speech of Beast and Leaf


Descendants of djinn influence on humankind, genasi have traits of their respective ancestors.

Abilities: Darkvision


  • Air: Unending Breath, Lightning Resistance, Mingle with the Wind
  • Earth: Earth Walk, Merge with Stone
  • Fire: Fire Resistance, Reach into the Blaze
  • Water: Acid Resistance, Amphibious, Call to the Wave


A race of gith that focused on physical prowess.

Abilities: Astral Knowledge, Githyanki Psionics, Psychic Resilience


A race of gith that focused on psionic prowess

Abilities: Githzerai Psionics, Mental Discipline, Psychic Resilience


Many goblins end up as the minions of evil creatures, but many others pursue their own destiny.

Abilities: Goblinoid, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Fury of the Small, Nimble Escape


Natives of the cold mountains, goliaths are large, hardy, and nothing to mess with.

Abilities: Little Giant, Mountain Born, Stone’s Endurance


Rabbit folk native to the feywild.

Abilities: Hare-trigger, Leporine Senses, Lucky Footwork, Rabbit Hop 


Large goblinoids with ancestral history in the feywild. War is a vital part of this race’s nature.

Abilities: Goblinoid, Darvision, Fey Ancestry, Fey Gift, Fortune of the Many


These raven folk make up for their lack of speech with impressive mimicry.

Abilities: Expert Duplication, Kenku Recall, Mimicry


These small draconic humanoids carry the magic and ferocity of dragons in a little package.

Abilities: Darkvision, Draconic Cry, Kobold Legacy


These lizard-like humanoids have a mystical connection to the natural world around them.

Abilities: Bite, Hold Breath, Hungry Jaws, Natural Armor, Nature’s Intuition


These half-bull half-human hybrids are a noble people who have been forced into labor by evil beings across the multiverse.

Abilities: Horns, Goring Rush, Hammering Horns, Labyrinthine Recall


Orcs are motivated by their hatred for civilized races, but some leave their tribes to care for others.

Abilities: Adrenaline Rush, Darkvision, Powerful Build, Relentless Endurance


Satyrs are chaotic creatures that enjoy revelry and fun.

Abilities: Fey, Ram, Magic Resistance, Mirthful Leaps, Reveler

Sea Elf

Elves that evolved to live in the seas across the multiverse.

Abilities: Elf, Child of the Sea, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Friend of the Sea, Keen Senses, Trance


Elves transformed by the dark energy of the Shadowfell.

Abilities: Elf, Blessing of the Raven Queen, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Keen Senses, Necrotic Resistance, Trance


Shifters have a natural connection to beasts, while they can’t fully change their shapes, they can adapt their forms as needed.

Abilities: Bestial Instincts, Darvision, Shifting


These vicious cat people are home to jungles across the multiverse.

Abilities: Cat’s Claws, Cat’s Talents, Darkvision, Feline Agility


The wise turtle folk are a nomadic people with a passion for learning.

Abilities: Claws, Hold Breath, Natural Armor, Nature’s Intuition, Shell Defense


Natives of the plane of water, these elf-like beings protect the seas from the horrors of the depths.

Abilities: Amphibious, Control Air and Water, Darkvision, Emissary of the Seas, Guardians of the Depths


These snake folk were created by dark rituals.

Abilities: Darkvision, Magic Resistance, Poison Resilience, Serpentine Spellcasting


These owl-folk are natives to the plane of Strixhaven.

Abilities: Darkvision, Flight, Silent Feathers

I hope you’ve found what you needed, now keep going and create the perfect character for you. As always, happy adventuring.

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