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You kneel before us today, an honored acolyte of Moradin. You have sworn your hammer to our mighty creator, and your soul shall one day make a mighty addition to the Great Forge.

Until then, you have much service to do in the name of the Allfather. May your armor hold fast, may your ax strike true, and may the light of Moradin’s forge guide your soul.

You were born, Bruenor, a son of your father. Now rise, born again as a son of Moradin. Stand up and walk the path forged before you, Telmar, the fire of the mountain.

In many faiths, it’s customary to receive a religious name as a sign of your growth. Clerics of the many faiths in D&D may be given names during their times as acolytes of a religion, or they may take a new name once they are ordained as a cleric. Generate a name or roll on one of the several tables below to find the right name for your 5e cleric.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Black Citadel article if we just left you with some names. A lot more goes into a life’s work as a cleric.

You’ve got enough on your plate learning about all of your spells and abilities, so we’ll be covering everything else you’ll need to flesh out your cleric.

Creating a Compelling Cleric

Clerics are more than their weapons and spells. They’re more than just their class abilities. Clerics are a class centered around their faith in a deity. With this amazing roleplaying hook, there’s a lot of smaller details that we can create and utilize to tell a story centered around that faith.

Creating Cleric Names

Obviously, the focus of this article is on names. Your name doesn’t have to be focused on your faith, but if you’ve found your way here, there’s a good chance that’s something you’re looking for. 

Having a faith-based name can be as complex as you want it to be. There are two basic ways that we can start. 

The first is to choose a name related directly to the main deity we worship. If we worshiped Selune, we could go with some derivative like Luna, Seline, or Suno.

We can also derive or directly take the name, of an important historical figure to our faith. Names like Paul, Joseph, and John are all derivatives of judeo-christian religions in our world, even if they’re not directly related to the central deity.

You can do a little research into your deity and pull out some names of notable followers, or you can create your own and give them a little backstory. “Thalia was the name of a priestess of Selune who founded the church in Waterdeep.”

This kind of small worldbuilding doesn’t take much work at all, but it adds some credibility to your name and even gives your DM a little bit of information to play with. 

Another way to create a name is to use an honorific name. Many cultures, both fantasy and not, use honorific names to denote profession or status. The basic form of this is to just throw some faith-based words together. A servant of Ilmater might take a name like “The Standing Martyr” or “___ of the Bound Wrists.” 

The next step is to use a fantasy language to come up with these names. The example at the top of this page was a cleric who received the name Telmar upon completion of some ritual in service to Moradin, god of the forge and creator of dwarves.

Their name is broken into two dwarven words, tel, which means fire, and mar, which means mountain. It’s also strikingly similar to telormar, which means forge.

Now, that bit of dwarven language is pulled from a small lexicon in Dragon Magazine issue 278, but I’m not telling you that you need to look up 5e fantasy languages just to create a name.

Instead, you can get by using google translate and fishing around until you find a language where the words you want turn into a cool-sounding name.

To prove that I’m not crazy, I’m going to use the same “fire mountain” example and translate until I find something fun. “Mons Ignis” is latin for fire mountain, and it sounds like a pretty realistic fantasy name. So does Mauga Afi, the samoan translation.

Please keep in mind that you’re just grabbing words from other languages, your syntax and pronunciation doesn’t have to be absolutely correct. You’re just using real world inspiration to come up with a fantasy name. 

Cleric Prayers

Prayers are a huge piece of roleplaying that often get left in the dust when people create clerics. You don’t have to come up with anything incredibly sophisticated, most prayers are already made so the everyday person can easily repeat them. 

The first part of creating a prayer is to start with your goal. Think of it like a wish, you’re literally asking your deity for something in this instance. A good one to have on standby is a battle prayer. Let’s say you’re asking for triumph in battle. 

We start with a simple “Bring me triumph in the upcoming battle,” and then tweak it to sound a bit more mystical. We should also add elements of our specific faith or domain to spice it up and make it feel more unique to our cleric.

For a tempest domain cleric in service to Talos, imagery of storms and lightning should fill our prayer. “Oh Raging One, let your lightning surge through me, and give me the strength to charge into battle with all the stormy might of your fury.”

Clerics are also known for their healing powers. You likely have a standard prayer that you say when you are trying to heal someone. Again we start with something simple, “May this creature live to see another day,” and add imagery until we get something more enticing.

We can stick with the Talos cleric, since it might not be as obvious how we incorporate that imagery in. When dealing with a domain that seems contrary to the thing we’re praying for, we can use opposites to our advantage.

“May those who weather your storms be gifted with the strength to destroy those who have wronged them.”

Again, we keep it nice and simple, this doesn’t need to be a whole hymn. We flip the destruction of the storm on its head by referring to someone ‘weathering a storm.’ 

Follow these tricks and you can come up with prayers for any faith, even one you’ve created on your own. Or, you can always just roll on the tables below and modify them a bit to make them unique to you.

Cleric Names and Prayers

For each 5e domain, we’ve created a table of names and prayers. Feel free to roll on these to come up with elements of your character, or use these examples as inspiration for your own unique 5e cleric.


Magic is the fuel that the universe runs on. From creation to destruction, it is the arcane energy that controls every bit of our experience. To serve a god of the arcana domain is to harness arcane knowledge and to be afforded a small piece of the infinite power. Whether that power leads to responsibility or freedom is up to you.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Caitlan Moonsong 
  2. Khel Arun
  3. Aloevan Tayny
  4. Ghamid Elminson
  5. Alvaerele Potenzaro
  6. Tukang Sihir
  7. Ilstan M’Chawi
  8. Amakiir Larethia
  9. Ruaniili 
  10. Bilgi Khua


  1. “The weave courses through my veins, and my veins course through the weave.”
  2. “May Mystra’s holy wisdom show me the way. With her guidance may I favor the scales of Cosmic Balance.”
  3. “Grant me sight beyond my eyes, knowledge beyond my mind, and courage beyond my heart.”
  4. “Let the power of the weave fill me with the strength of the planes, so that I may fight against those with hearts of evil.”
  5. “May the Protector hold you now, for his arms have risen nations. So too may they raise you up in good health.”
  6. “I am Magistrati. My staff shall keep me standing. My mind shall give me strength. I need not fear, for I am Magistrati.” 


Death is nothing to be feared. It is something to be embraced and overcome. Those who worship gods of death and undeath know this to be true. Life itself is not a gift, it is a challenge to be overcome so one may experience the true wonders of eternity. Freeing others from this prison is but a small favor.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Cyric Nas’r
  2. Akachi Al’ Kursi
  3. Raglot Myr Akul
  4. Noken Javac
  5. Greim Cridhe
  6. Mauta Tua’go’ti
  7. Nuru Niynjushi
  8. Abdel Adria
  9. Illasera Sendai
  10. Yaga-Shura


  1. “Death is not the end. Shall I meet mine, I will grow only stronger.”
  2. “I serve the Lord of Bones. Your time has come to meet him.”
  3. “If this person has earned their freedom in death, take them from me. But if they still have more to learn, help me to keep them here.”
  4. “Oh Lord of Murder, I am not worthy to leave this plane, but only say the word and I shall meet you at the Throne of Blood.”
  5. “I ride with Death.”
  6. “May this battle be worthy of a place in the Fortress of Memories.”


To serve a god of the forge is to worship all that can be created with the sweat of one’s brow and the strike of a hammer. It is a forge cleric’s duty to carry out the work of their god and to wrench powerful artifacts from the hands of the unworthy. 

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Telmar
  2. Tashkil Ahma
  3. Sonlinn
  4. Duarvos Ironbeard
  5. Hepha Goibhiuson
  6. Deknae Stonefist
  7. Varhurm Morakin
  8. Noote Murazvo
  9. Kovati Skegg
  10. Shakush Prochnosti


  1. “May my armor hold fast. May my axe strike true.”
  2. “The light of the forge guides my soul.”
  3. “We are all but embers of the great forge. May we be molded into magnificent creations in the battle ahead.”
  4. “Grant me the swiftness of an arrow, the strength of a hammer, and the cunning of a dagger.”
  5. “The warmth of the forge heals all wounds. The Soul Forger has more work for you yet.”
  6. “It is by the light of a single ember that I may see the entire world. As it was created by our Lord, so too have I been constructed with intention.”


Unlike those who worship the domain of Death, those who worship the Grave can see the beauty in all aspects of existence. Death itself is but a small piece of the magnificent puzzle. It is our duty to pay homage to the dead, and to protect the living. To desecrate either is an affront to your god.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Kendrel 
  2. Brei Theanas
  3. Pret Senka
  4. Tannith Vor
  5. Lilianna Burne
  6. Tormvek Haka
  7. Kabara Sohon
  8. Te’ora O’muri
  9. Obur Dunya
  10. Yar Kaphi


  1. “May the scales show the weight of my heart.”
  2. “Whether I live or die, I shall fight to protect the sanctity of existence.”
  3. “Grant me the wisdom to weigh each passing moment as you would.”
  4. “It is my time when it is my time.”
  5. “May the Great Guide hold me upon his scales.”
  6. “The grave meets us all when it is truly our time, and not before then.”


Learning and understanding is to be valued above all things. No moment, no struggle, no battle exists for any reason but to teach us and prepare us for what is to come. To have a glimpse of the knowledge held by a god is to hold all the power of the multiverse in your mind.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Cullen Eolas
  2. Undryl  
  3. Lannathia Viedy
  4. Aqoon Xikmad
  5. Kutuhala Radoz
  6. Foggy Haimish
  7. Finnan Clef
  8. Ruby Celeste
  9. Jade Kulil
  10.  Daioun Nil


  1. “Grant me the wisdom to know what I can and cannot change.”
  2. “Mine is not to know, but to learn from what I see.”
  3. “My mind is my strength, with it I can move mountains.”
  4. “May this injury not be your end, but an experience for you to grow through.”
  5. “I am but an infinitesimal piece of the grand multiverse, but grant me your knowledge and I can shake the planes.”
  6.  “To know is to have power. With my god at my side, I am powerful.”


The iconic cleric serves the forces of life. To foster life, to protect it from harm, and to fight against the forces of death is their mission. Their power is derived from the positive energy that keeps the multiverse whole.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Aunnar Whitebeard
  2. Bhalla N’du
  3. Jannath Nurgurn
  4. Pahlu Ruk
  5. Zora Aluya
  6. Bizi Jivana
  7. Jinda’gi Biatha
  8. Bjorn Strongheart
  9. Tyla Noruu
  10. Rhyester  Bellicandra


  1. “We are blessed to experience another day.”
  2. “Grant me the essence needed to stave off villainy.”
  3. “I am the seed of life given care. I shall give care unto another.”
  4. “The waters of life swim within us all. May they heal you and strengthen your resolve.”
  5. “Grant this humble servant of yours more time to experience the gift of life.”
  6. “May evil perish under my strike, unworthy of the great gift.”


Light is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and strength in the face of darkness. It is the power to see through deception and it is the beauty in all things. The light guides it’s followers to live a life full of truth and grace.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Fudain Lucero
  2. Rose Thennur
  3. Dawn Walker
  4. Argia Lichten
  5. Valerie Wanao
  6. Andreia Reyes Flores
  7. Aurora Heliani
  8. Agapito Zora’a
  9. Gorm Pelorson
  10.  Elysio Sumrak


  1. “The light guides me to new horizons.”
  2. “By your light shall I be reborn in the battle ahead.”
  3. “Truth is the virtue that shields me from evil. It is my sword and my speech.”
  4. “I shall not aid the Dark Ones by spreading panic and dark rumor. I shall calm myself in the grace of the Morning Lord.”
  5. “To be renewed with the world in the amber horizon is to be closer to You, oh lord.”
  6. “Grant me radiance to conquer the foes of the waking hours. Grant me light to overcome those who hide in the shadows.”


Nature is beautiful and chaotic, tranquil and merciless, a place where life and death dance as one. A cleric devoted to a god of nature may revel in the beauty of all things or they may seek to destroy the works of mortals. They may care only for the sanctity of natural life or they may seek balance in all things. Gods of nature are fickle and varied, so too are their clerics.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Baelvan Banniplith
  2. Dorn Branchfist
  3. Strider Greenleaf
  4. Hunter Maram
  5. Gurnvo S’en
  6. Horm Vosi
  7. Hanali Metsa
  8. Holz Wachstum
  9. Silva Nurial
  10.  Chandler Dronu’aa


  1. “May the moon and sun bless this moment in time.”
  2. “I am the wind, for I am untouched. I am the dirt, for I stand firm. I am water, for I am unbroken.”
  3. “Allow me to grow, so that I may reach towards the sun with the branches of my heart.”
  4. “Give me the strength of the forest so that I may bring the swift justice of nature with each strike.
  5. “Balance in all things is all you got at the end of the day.”
  6. “I am but a grain of sand, but lend me your strength and I can swallow an army with the might of the ocean.”


Clerics of order value logic more than lofty ideals of light and darkness. The true laws that govern the multiverse must be pondered, for nothing is beyond the understanding of the devout. From philosophy to written law, clerics of order find truth and balance in all things.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Estelle Beine
  2. Leniya Zaamo
  3. Sierra Hephon
  4. Urftaag Deityr
  5. Golnuuk Obsidian
  6. Kalsafa Wisemane
  7. Vargund Dormadug
  8. Gil Witmere
  9. Tymir Silvertongue
  10.  Olfnir Tyrenson


  1. “May this day bring me a piece of the great puzzle.”
  2. “My mind is your tool, use it to overcome lawlessness.”
  3. “Grant me wisdom to establish order. Grant me strength to destroy the erroneous.”
  4. “Tyr, the Evenhanded, show me the truth.”
  5. “I am the hand of a just god, it is my duty to serve His vengeance.”
  6. “Only the deserving shall meet a cruel fate, may this person be seen fit to live another day.”


Clerics of the peace domain seek to avoid conflict. Whether that’s stopping a fight before it can happen, or putting a swift end to one so calm may be restored, it’s their duty to uphold this most sacred value.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Nora Ausun
  2. Gillian Ramus
  3. Kalem Jaarus
  4. Tera Sinube
  5. Aayla Marino
  6. Tolev Thanamorn
  7. Cynien Tinik
  8. Mila Mina
  9. Aa’na Sume
  10.  Rau Halinen


  1. “May the Quiet One instill her tranquility in you.”
  2. “May the calm of the water mother guide me.”
  3. “Grant us all serenity so that violence need not ensue.”
  4. “Let my fist put a swift end to the grossness of evil’s mayhem.”
  5. “Be at peace now and forever, and find tranquility in the great fields of Elysium.”
  6. “It is the quiet of the dawn that lets me walk through the noise of day.”


Tempest gods govern the skies, the seas, and every storm that surges between them. They are the fury and might that nature so often forgets to acknowledge. Clerics of their faiths embrace violence, strength, and courage. 

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Huth Amuur
  2. Myrsk Y’Nalu
  3. Tupan Gahar
  4. Fury Stormrider
  5. Gulnak 
  6. Nakan of the Grey Cloud
  7. Bes Kopam
  8. Tia Ayanga
  9. Awan Makonis
  10. Sam’me Menyani


  1. “Oh Raging One, let your lightning surge through me, and give me the strength to charge into battle with all the stormy might of your fury.”
  2. “May those who weather your storms be gifted with the strength to destroy those who have wronged them.”
  3. “Grant me strength like a great cloud passing over my enemies.”
  4. “With my god I have the courage of a nation pulsing in my veins.”
  5. “Let the waters settle before me so I can see my path.”
  6. “Oh Lord of the Skies above, help me to overcome this obstacle and stand true.”


Trickster gods create mischief and mayhem in the world. Their clerics serve them by mocking tyrants, disrupting order, stealing from the rich, and just generally causing ruckus wherever they go.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Wan Lokison
  2. Ayyor Lurin
  3. Hepo Hepo
  4. Xiao Chi Nao
  5. Kay Nu Pakost
  6. Direidi Besha
  7. Zaro Oli
  8. Grilo Glitterbronze
  9. Robin Burees
  10.  Shuvu Hude


Let’s be honest, gods of mischief aren’t answering prayers.


The twilit transition from day into night often brings calm and even joy, as people make their way into hours of rest. But darkness can also bring horrors. It is the gods of twilight that guard against these terrifying threats, and their clerics who put in the footwork to protect the innocent.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Kham Gaalagh
  2. Storek Jinn
  3. Nilran Koruyu
  4. Draimal M’Linzi
  5. Hisyar Helmson
  6. Olga Truenight
  7. Rilda Budrus
  8. Stefan Tojas
  9. Jalgi Waarnemer
  10. Aesen Taueen 


  1. “The dusk offers only a brief reprieve for creatures of the night, for the stars shine with truth and glory.”
  2. “May the moon guide me in battle.”
  3. “Rest easy now, your twilight has come.”
  4. “With the strength of the Selune you shall live to see another moon set.”
  5. “I am the watcher in the night. My vigil shall never end.”
  6. “The horrors of the night shall cower in fear before the light of my god.”


Gods of war support everything from total war and destruction to righteous fury in battle. Just as the cause of war may vary, so too may the clerics. This domain sees all sorts of clerics from tyrants to heroes, from war criminals to glorious generals.

Cleric Names (D10)

  1. Commander Salvatore
  2. Vance Redder
  3. The Iron Knight
  4. Zolim Darangu
  5. Erik Tormborn
  6. Kronus Magnus
  7. Akhmad Karnajj
  8. Kapena Qir’Gin
  9. Muaji Sinbala
  10. Suwar Vitez


  1. “May the Black Hand rest upon my shoulder and give me strength in battle.”
  2. “Fear my sword, for I am a champion chosen by the heavens.”
  3. “Give me the strength to smite all those in my way.”
  4. “With justice and might I shall strike true.”
  5. “This is but one battle. May I live to fight many more.”
  6. “I am the might and power of my god. May all who defy meet a painful end.”

Clerics are an incredible class. With so much built-in roleplay value, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in the process.

Of course, we make articles like this so that you can spend less time stressing about details and more time having fun. As always, happy adventuring.

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