Your New Favorite Wizard Item: Arcane Grimoire in DnD 5e

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

What Is an Arcane Grimoire in DnD 5e?

An Arcane Grimoire is a magical spellbook for wizards in 5e. In addition to the normal function of a spellbook, it can be used as a spellcasting focus that adds a bonus to spell attack rolls and your spell save DC.

Arcane Grimoire

Wondrous Item, varies (requires attunement by a wizard)

While you are holding this leather-bound book, you can use it as a spellcasting focus for your wizard spells, and you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your wizard spells. The bonus is determined by the book’s rarity.

You can use this book as a spellbook. In addition, when you use your Arcane Recovery feature, you can increase the number of spell slot levels you regain by 1.

This item has three uses and can come in one of three rarities. It can only be attuned to wizards or at least characters who have multiclassed into wizard, and that’s because it’s built specifically for wizards.

The main benefits of this magical item are as follows:

  • Spellcasting focus – Avoid using material components for basic spells.
  • Bonus – Increase the likelihood of your spells succeeding.
  • Arcane Recovery – Regain more spell slots on a short rest.

How Good Is an Arcane Grimoire?

As you can probably see, this is an incredibly useful item in DnD 5e. A wizard’s spellbook is possibly the most important item they can carry around, so adding additional magical properties is a great way to improve your character’s abilities.

Typically, if you want to receive a boost to your spell attacks or to your saving throw DC, you’ll use something like a staff or wand. These are, without a doubt, the first things that come to most players’ minds when we discuss spellcasting focus.

Of course, wizards are different from other casters. Their magical prowess comes from years of intense studying. It’s the spellbooks they carry around that give them the ability to do anything at all, so naturally, that’s where they’d find increased potential.

The other important thing we gain from this item is a boost to our Arcane Recovery ability. Arcane recovery is a wizard feature that allows a character to regain spell slots on a short rest. Normally, the level of spell slots regained is equal to half the character’s wizard level, rounded up.

With an Arcane Grimoire in your possession, that final number goes up for one, which is basically the same as giving you two levels in wizard for free. Someone with a multiclassed character can definitely take advantage of this to regain valuable spell slots without a lot of levels devoted to wizard.

Even a plain and simple wizard benefits here though. This item doesn’t need any fancy frills. It’s a useful magical item that transforms a boring wizard’s spellbook into something that actually helps the character succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does an Arcane Grimoire Work in DnD 5e?

An Arcane Grimoire works as a passive bonus. So long as you are holding it, any spells you cast will receive a bonus to either their spell save DC or their attack roll. 

Do You Need To Hold an Arcane Grimoire?

Yes, you need to be holding the Arcane Grimoire in order to receive any of its benefits.

How Much Does an Arcane Grimoire Cost?

The cost of an Arcane Grimoire is dependent on its rarity. An Uncommon version could cost anywhere between 50 and 100 gp, a Rare version could cost between 501 and 5,000 gp, and a Very Rare version could cost between 5,001 and 50,000 gp. 

Check out our Magic Item Price Guide for more information on pricing.

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