Quiver of Ehlonna 5e: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Efficient Quiver

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

The Quiver of Ehlonna (or the Efficient Quiver) is a wondrous magical item found in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. It is an elven-made quiver with three separate compartments that allow for the storage of arrows, bolts, javelins, spears, and other weapons.

Quiver of Ehlonna Stats

Wondrous item, uncommon

Each of this magic quiver’s three compartments is connected to an extradimensional space. This means the quiver can hold many items of varying sizes while never exceeding 2 pounds in weight. The smallest compartment holds up to 60 bolts, arrows, or similar objects, while the midsize compartment holds up to 18 javelins or similar objects. The largest compartment can hold up to six long objects, like spears, bows, or quarterstaffs.

Drawing any item in the quiver works the same as drawing from an ordinary quiver.

Benefits of Using the Quiver

The main benefit of using the Quiver of Ehlonna is that it allows adventurers to carry a lot of equipment without being encumbered. This is especially useful for dedicated archers and other ranged characters who need to have a lot of ammunition on hand but don’t want to be weighed down.

Another advantage is that the quiver can be used to store weapons of different sizes. Your character could have a spear, a bow, and a handful of arrows all stored in the same quiver. 

Having a massive arsenal on your back can be beneficial when characters need to switch between ranged and melee weapons quickly or when a character is disarmed and needs an immediate weapon replacement.

Finally, the Quiver of Ehlonna is a convenient way to store a character’s equipment. It eliminates the need for a separate quiver or scabbard for each type of weapon, and it frees up space in a character’s pack.

Potential Drawbacks

There aren’t many drawbacks to using this quiver, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the quiver only weighs 2 pounds empty, so it’s not going to weigh down most characters. However, it can only be used to hold specific types of items. You can’t store just anything in this quiver. 

Second, the quiver isn’t going to be as much use to you if your character doesn’t use ranged weapons because it’s designed specifically for use with them. If you’re playing a melee-focused character, the Quiver of Ehlonna will probably not be worth the investment or space. 

Finally, the quiver is a bit of a luxury item. It’s not essential for most characters, and it’s not going to be cheap if you purchase it.

How Does the Quiver of Ehlonna Work?

The Quiver of Ehlonna is a magic item with three extradimensional compartments that give players a lot of storage space without encumbering them. The quiver can hold arrows, bolts, spears, and other weapons, making it a beneficial tool for archers and other ranged characters.

The quiver is a convenient way to store equipment and transport it easily. It works a lot like Mary Poppins’ bag or a Handy Haversack — it’s much roomier on the inside than it appears on the outside due to its magical abilities.

The History Behind the Quiver of Ehlonna

The Quiver of Ehlonna is named after the goddess of nature, Ehlonna, known to the elves as Ehlenestra. 

A deity from the World of Greyhawk, Ehlonna is a good-aligned goddess representing flora, fauna, woodlands, and fertility. She is the patron of rangers and druids and is often depicted as an elven maiden with golden hair, a quiver of arrows, or a bow slung over her shoulder. She is typically associated with deer and other woodland creatures. Unicorns are her holy symbol.

The Quiver of Ehlonna is also known as the Efficient Quiver, the Quiver of Mielikki, and the Quiver of Solonor. It is said this quiver was created by the elves thousands of years ago and that it is a gift from Ehlonna herself.

Instead of Ehlonna, the Quiver of Mielikki has connections to Mielikki, also called the Lady of the Forest or the Supreme Ranger. However, it functions in the same way.

This item is a true boon to the rangers and druids whom Ehlonna and Mielikki favor, many of whom believe that no other quiver can match its quality, efficiency, or capacity. That said, its appearance is that of a well-crafted but normal quiver. 

Lore and Associations 

The Quiver of Ehlonna has long-standing connections to D&D lore. For example, Shandie Freefoot, a famed halfling rogue pursuing longbow mastery, used a quiver of this type during her adventures. 

Shandie was a skilled archer and craftsperson. With that in mind, this quiver can be a fun magic item to introduce to your adventure, especially if your players are familiar with Shandie or the goddess Ehlonna.

The Price and Availability of the Quiver

Prices for magic items vary widely from campaign to campaign. In some cases, the Quiver of Ehlonna may be available for purchase in magic shops or from adventuring guilds. When purchased in a shop or from a guild, this magic quiver typically costs around 1,800 gp. 

In other cases, it may need to be looted from dungeons or earned as a reward for finishing quests. For this quiver, DMs may prefer the treasure option as this wondrous item is rich in lore, and magic can be a fun and rewarding item for players to find.

Finding the Quiver in the Wild

The Quiver of Ehlonna can be found in several different dungeons and adventure locations. Powerful creatures often guard it, so adventurers will need to be prepared for a tough battle if they want to claim this magic quiver for their own.

A few possible dungeons or adventure locations where the Quiver of Ehlonna could be found include:

  • The dungeons or ruins of an elven city.
  • A hidden underground lair.
  • The personal quarters of a powerful wizard or sorcerer.
  • The hoard of a dragon or other magical creature.
  • An ancient tomb.
  • A deep, long-forgotten dwarven mine.

Basically, anywhere that DMs feel like hiding a powerful magic item! 

Alternatively, DMs can have a nonplayer character gift the quiver to the player as a reward for completing a quest or overcoming a difficult challenge or maybe to help them complete a task that the NPC cannot do themselves!

What Classes Are the Best Fit for This Magic Item?

The Quiver of Ehlonna is most commonly associated with rangers and druids as these are the classes favored by Ehlonna, and those two classes will usually be the best fit for the quiver. However, any character who uses a ranged weapon can benefit from this magic item.

Archers in particular will find this handy quiver to be an incredible way to store their arrows and ranged weapons, eliminating the need for multiple quivers, but characters who use a javelin or similar weapon will also find this item handy.

Using the Quiver of Ehlonna Strategically

Most magic items increase a character’s power in some way, and the Quiver of Ehlonna is no different. This magical item can give players a considerable edge in combat and some other situations, especially if they are strategic about how they use it.

Here are a few ideas for using the Quiver of Ehlonna strategically:

  • If you’re playing a ranger, make sure to take advantage of this magic quiver’s ability to store additional weapons. It can be a real lifesaver in combat, helping you quickly switch to the perfect weapon for the job.
  • Storing a backup bow in the quiver is also a great idea. Then, if your primary weapon is lost or destroyed, you have a replacement readily available.
  • Use the quiver’s extradimensional space to store extra ammunition, such as arrows or crossbow bolts. You will always have plenty of ammo in case you or one of your teammates run out during a fight.
  • Be creative with how you use the quiver’s extradimensional space. It’s a great place to store valuables, scrolls, and other appropriately sized items if your DM allows it.
  • The quiver can be sold for a tidy sum to the right buyer, so if you’re in need of funds, you may be able to sell this magic item to refill your coffers or coin bag.

The Quiver of Ehlonna is a lore-steeped and valuable magic item that can be an asset to any adventurer. With a bit of creativity, it can be used in all sorts of fascinating ways!

Roleplaying Use of the Quiver

Due to its associations with nature and the hunt, the Quiver of Ehlonna can be a tremendous roleplaying tool for characters who are heavily involved with those aspects of the game.

The elf ranger crouched and readied his bow, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. He had been following the pack of winged goblins through the dark and winding forest since midnight, and he knew it would take more than a few arrows to bring the creatures down. But he also knew he must attack. They’d been tormenting innocent forest beasts for days.

He reached into his quiver and felt the reassuring weight of the arrows within, knowing that each one could mean the difference between life and death. He was glad to have plenty at hand, thanks to the Quiver of Ehlonna.

The Quiver of Ehlonna can also be a plot device in your game. Maybe the characters need to retrieve the quiver from a dangerous location in order to use its power to defeat a powerful enemy.

Perhaps the characters need to retrieve the quiver from a treacherous location in order to use its power to broker a peace treaty. Or the quiver could be the key to a puzzle the characters need to solve in a complex dungeon. There are many possibilities!

The Bottom Line

The Quiver of Ehlonna is a storied magic item that can be an excellent tool for any adventurer, especially those who favor ranged weapons. 

With its ability to store weapons and extra ammo, this useful quiver can give players a significant advantage in combat. The lore surrounding this quiver can offer roleplaying opportunities and create great depth for the game.

No matter how you use it, the Quiver of Ehlonna is sure to add excitement and adventure to your sessions!

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