How To Build a Loxodon Cleric in DnD 5e

Last Updated on November 13, 2023

You know who won’t forget to use Lay Hands on you? The Loxodon cleric. Loxodons never forget — especially not their allies.

In this post, we will discuss the best domains, feats, spells, proficiencies, and weapons for a Loxodon cleric.

Loxodon Clerics at Character Creation

Even though it isn’t the first thing you do when creating a character, the first thing we will discuss will be which domain you should choose for your Loxodon Cleric.

After that, we will talk about ability scores, proficiencies, backgrounds and finally, spells.

Choosing a Divine Domain for Your Loxodon Cleric

The truth is that you could pick any domain and make it work. Loxodons are just that cool. 

That said, for me the best two domains for a Loxodon cleric are the Nature domain and the Peace domain.

Nature Domain Loxodon Cleric

Loxodons are peace-loving elephant people. They just ooze natural flavor, like an organic smoothie of sunshine for the soul.

But more than that, they are big and powerful, and Nature clerics gain proficiency in heavy armor. With heavy armor, a shield, and your naturally large size, you can stand as a bulwark of safety for your allies and for all creatures of lesser stature.

For your druid cantrip, make sure that you choose the shillelagh spell as that will give you a magical club or quarterstaff to swing around and create some personal space at a heightened damage output. 

More importantly, shillelagh uses your Wisdom score instead of Strength, therefore utilizing what should be your highest ability score.

Choose a quarterstaff and whatever heavy armor you can afford to begin. You should not carry a shield with this build since your two-handed quarterstaff will be too big a boon in combat.

Increase the impact by taking the Polearm Master feat at 4th level. Rely instead on the heavy armor and your Shield of Faith spell.

Also, carry a healer’s kit and whatever ceremonial objects you will need to see to the spiritual needs of your friends and allies.

Peace Domain Loxodon Cleric

The peace domain is another shoo-in for the Loxodon cleric. Imagine a troop of elephants walking through the jungle or the savannah, each one holding the tail of the other. Their dedication to the herd and the found family is evident in their tender care and concern for each other.

It’s almost as if they are all gaining a +1d4 to any attack roll, ability check, or saving throw while within 30 feet of each other, like a peace domain cleric can offer their little found family unit.

Choose scale mail, a shield, and some holy water to start off with followed by a healer’s kit and healing potions if you can afford them. Also, keep a book handy, and be ready to recite some prayers or light some incense to minister to those you happen to come by. Weapons will not be as important in this build as your primary concern will be supporting your allies with your magic.

For Loxodons, it’s all about the power of friendship and unity. Peace clerics exemplify this in both of their channel divinity options.

Keep your friends close, and if they’re a Loxodon Peace Cleric, keep them within 30 feet.

Assigning Ability Scores

Regardless of whether you do standard array or point buy, your highest ability score as a Loxodon Cleric should be Wisdom. Wisdom fuels your spells and your Channel Divinity abilities granted by your cleric class.

After that, you will want the Constitution. The best way to keep your allies healed up and ready to go is not to rely on those abilities yourself. 

Beyond that, you should probably consider having Charisma or Intelligence as your 3rd-highest stat, depending on whether your character is more of a researcher or a schmoozer in their downtime. 

Alternatively, if you use your weapons more than your spells in combat, you’ll need to make your Strength or Dexterity your 3rd highest. 

I recommend strength since you will have access to fairly good armor and won’t need to rely on your Dexterity so much.

Choosing Your Proficiencies

The two proficiencies we recommend taking as Loxodon clerics are Insight and Medicine.

Insight will not only allow you to size up how your enemies and allies are doing with their hit points and their general ability to speak the truth, but it will also allow you to play up the stereotype of the wise old elephant.

Medicine will help you keep your allies (and sometimes even your former enemies) alive. 

Choosing Your Background

Acolyte and Sage are fairly similar, and either one will work well for a Loxodon. The history proficiency will allow you to learn from history (by never forgetting) and guide your allies in good decision-making.

They will totally listen to you and take your guidance every time, I promise!

However, Folk Hero is another great background for a Loxodon cleric. This can represent the reputation you have gained in your community and the surrounding communities as a strong yet peaceful leader that can be depended on to help others when the need arises.

Choosing Your Spells at 1st Level

At 1st level, you will obviously need to prepare to Cure Wounds. Beyond that, your spells are determined by your role in the party, but make sure you give special consideration to Sanctuary, Bless, and Shield of Faith.

These 1st-level spells will continue to stay effective into the future and will allow you to support your allies either directly with buffs or indirectly by putting yourself between them and harm.

Choosing Spells Through Tier 1

For 1st through 5th level, your spell choice will depend largely on how you best fit within your party. That being said, there are a few spells that are universally good for all Loxodon Clerics. Those are:

  • Sacred flame as your baseline combat cantrip
  • Guidance as you give advice from something your great-grandmother once said (that you never forgot)
  • Calm Emotions so you can give your natural serenity to your allies
  • Silence so that you can make everyone stop acting so immature and violent
  • Dispel Magic so that you can stop that pesky spellcaster from being a nuisance.

Ability Score Improvement or Feats for Loxodon Clerics

At 4th level, the following three cleric domains should take the associated feats while all other clerics should improve their Wisdom by 2.

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