Lodestone in DnD 5e – What It Is and Where to Find One

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

In the world of D&D, lodestones are a naturally occurring but rare mineral with magic properties. These magnetic stones attract iron and other metallic fragments and are coveted for their use in spellwork.

With their mysterious magnetic properties, lodestones have been the source of fascination and speculation throughout the ages. 

What Is a Lodestone?

Rare pieces of magnetite, lodestones contain a natural magnetism. In times past, these strange rocks were used to build compasses. Wizards and other spellcasters rely on lodestones as a component for the mending cantrip.

This cantrip is available to Bards, Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics, and Druids. By casting mending, players can repair broken or otherwise damaged objects, such as a torn cloak, cracked wall, or broken chain.

Casting mending doesn’t consume your lodestones, so having two in your component pouch is enough for most adventures. If you lose your component pouch, however, you’ll be hard-pressed to replace it, or your lodestones, especially if you’re outside of a populated area.

Where Do You Find Lodestones?

While lodestones can be found naturally, or mined, most players will need to purchase these components from a shop or other merchant. Not only does a component pouch contain the lodestones necessary for spellcasting, but it also comes with most of the low-cost ingredients mages need to work their spellcraft. 

Many spells in D&D require the presence of physical objects. Many of these objects are found in nature and possess unique properties. Spellcasters must use a free hand to manipulate the material components of a spell. This can be the same hand that performs the somatic components of a spell.

Spells in D&D can require many components, occasionally consuming them in the process of spellcasting. If a spell consumes your components, it will be necessary to replenish them before you can cast the spell again. 

Wizards, Druids, and other spell casters can gather spellcasting ingredients on their own, but it’s easier to purchase a component pouch than it is to find all of the many necessary components individually.

How Do You Use a Lodestone?

Lodestones usually work in pairs. While large lodestones are valuable, small lodestones are all that you need for magic. All that matters is that the lodestones contain a magnetic field. 

Rumor has it that lodestones can be magically charged by placing iron upon them. Keeping the lodestones charged is said to increase their magic potential. After frequent use, lodestones can become dirty and discolored.

To clean lodestones, players will need to use alcohol or strong spirits. 

How Much Does a Lodestone Cost?

A component pouch costs 25 gold pieces and includes two lodestones. Individually these stones can cost up to 1 gold each. Usually, players can purchase these items wherever adventuring gear is sold.

Of course, it’s up to the DM whether these components will be available. Their exact price may vary as well, depending on local factors. 

Keep in mind that many spells do not consume components during casting, meaning these components will be a one-time purchase for most spellcasters. Of course, if your component pouch is lost, damaged, or stolen, you’ll need to go shopping.

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