Ray of Frost 5e: Mechanics and Guide To Using the Spell

Casting Time

1 action






60 feet


Artificer, Sorcerer, Wizard


Ranged Spell Attack






Verbal, Somatic

Spell Description:

A frigid beam of blue-white light streaks toward a creature within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, it takes 1d8 cold damage, and its speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn.

The spell’s damage increases by 1d8 when you reach 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).

1st level5th level11th level17th level
Damage Dice1d82d83d84d8
Minimum Damage1234
Average Damage4.58.512.516.5
Maximum Damage8162432

Cantrip, Evocation, Damage, Cold, Debuff

Level: Artificer (1), Sorcerer (1), Wizard (1), Eldritch Knight (3), Arcane Trickster (8), Bard (10, Magical Secrets)

Materials Required: None

Number of Targets: 1

Die Type: d8

Number of Dice: 1 (increased by 1 at 5th, 11th, and 17th level) 

Damage Type: Cold

Save: None

Damage On Successful Save: None

Statuses Inflicted: Target’s speed is reduced by 10 

Status Duration: Until the end of the caster’s next turn

Affected By Cover: No

Advantage: None

Disadvantage: None

What Is Ray of Frost?

Ray of Frost is a cantrip-level evocation spell where the caster shoots a beam of light that deals Cold damage and reduces the target’s speed by 10 until the end of the caster’s next turn on a hit.

Who Can Cast Ray of Frost?

Ray of Frost is present on the Artificer, Sorcerer, and Wizard spell lists, and they can choose to take the spell starting at 1st level.

Eldritch Knights can take the spell at the 3rd level, but Arcane Tricksters will have to wait until they can take Evocation spells at the 8th level. Bards can take the spell with their Magical Secrets feature, which is available to all Bards by 10th level.

When and Where Should I Cast Ray of Frost?

Ray of Frost has relatively high damage. Though its damage is less than Fire Bolt or Toll the Dead, the lowered damage is compensated for by the speed reduction.

It’s best used against approaching melee enemies to slow their approach and give your party more chances to land some free-ranged hits.

Why Should I Take Ray of Frost?

Ray of Frost has sound damage output and a powerful and long-lasting debuff that makes it a solid choice for any ranged caster.

Common Questions About Ray of Frost