Heat Metal 5e: Mechanics and Guide To Using the Spell

Casting Time

1 action






60 feet


Artificer, Bard, Druid




1 minute




Verbal, Somatic, Material

Spell Description:

Choose a manufactured metal object, such as a metal weapon or a suit of heavy or medium metal armor, that you can see within range. You cause the object to glow red-hot.

Any creature in physical contact with the object takes 2d8 fire damage when you cast the spell. Until the spell ends, you can use a bonus action on each of your subsequent turns to cause this damage again.

If a creature is holding or wearing the object and takes the damage from it, the creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or drop the object if it can.

If it doesn’t drop the object, it has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks until the start of your next turn.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 2nd.

2nd level5th level7th level9th level
Damage Dice2d85d87d89d8
Minimum Damage2579
Average Damage8.520.523.536.5
Maximum Damage16405672

2nd Level, Transmutation, Fire, Damage

Level: Bard (3), Druid (3), Force Domain (3), Artificer (5)

Materials Required: A piece of iron and flame

Number of Targets: 1

Die Type: d8

Number of Dice: 2 (increased by 1 for every spell slot level above 2nd)

Damage Type: Fire

Save: Constitution

Damage On Successful Save: Full

Statuses Inflicted: Disadvantage

Status Duration: Until next turn

Affected By Cover: No

Advantage: None

Disadvantage: On all attack rolls and ability checks for a person holding or wearing the target item

Who Can Cast Heat Metal?

Bards and Druids can cast Heat Metal starting at the 3rd level when they get their first 2nd-level spell slots. Force Domain Clerics have Heat Metal on their expanded spell list starting at 3rd level as well. Artificers won’t get their first 2nd-level spell slots until the 5th level.

What Is Heat Metal?

Heat Metal allows the caster to target a manufactured metal object — a weapon, suit of armor, or perhaps jewelry — and make it so hot that it is painful to touch.

Creatures that are touching the object take damage upon cast, and as a bonus action, the caster can cause the creatures touching or holding it to retake damage.

If possible, creatures holding or wearing an object can make a constitution save for dropping or throwing the object. If they can’t or don’t, they have disadvantage on all ability checks and attack rolls until their next turn.

When and Where Should I Cast Heat Metal?

Heat Metal is a good cast on any item held by a significantly threatening mob and an excellent cast on any worn by a significantly threatening mob.

Why Should I Take Heat Metal?

Aside from inflicting damage to enemies, Heat Metal also imposes disadvantage for as long as it is holding or wearing the item. A suit of armor takes 5 minutes to remove and cannot be dropped.

So the person wearing the targetted suit of armor is going to be having a bad time.

Common Questions About Heat Metal